temporary withdraw limit 300.000

Published on 2017-11-14

Dear Users,

we are currently working on processing all withdraw requests.

But due to Bitcoins recent network congestion and resulting excessive transaction fees ( https://blockchain.info/de/charts/mempool-size ) we’ve decided to increase the withdraw limit temporary.
We’re watching the situation closely and all payments will be resumed and the limit would be set down shortly.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Login problem solved

Published on 2017-10-15

Dear Users,

we are happy to announce, that the login problem is solved.

If you have still trouble, please contact us.

The pig

100 satoshi every 5 minutes

Published on 2017-10-15


today we have great news.
We have increased the faucet to 100 satoshi per 5 minutes

Payout limit reduced again

Published on 2017-10-12

We have reduced the payout limit to 50.000 !

Payout ratio changed

Published on 2017-10-11

Dear User,

today we have changed our payout ratio.
Until now, you will get 60 satoshi every 5 Miniutes.
Therefore you have no longer to wait 60 Minutes until you can claim the next satoshis.


Payout limit reduced

Published on 2017-10-11


today we have reduced the payout limit from 150.000 to 100.000 satoshis.


Offerwall now active! Get more Bitcoins!

Published on 2017-10-10


as one of the first faucet sites we have add one more way to get free Bitcoins.
In some countrys you are now able to get some free Bitcoins in solving some offers in this "wall".
There are offer such as install a App oder complete a survey.

It could take up to 60 minutes until the satoshis get credited.

All payouts are made!

Published on 2017-10-06

We are happy to announce, that we have made all pending payouts today.

2017 - 10 - 01 payouts made

Published on 2017-10-05

All payout requests from 2017-10-01 are made.

We are still working on making all payouts as soon as possible.

temporary withdraw limit 200.000

Published on 2017-10-05


we have set the withdraw limit temporary to 200.000 to handle all the payout request.
We will reduce it back to 50.000 if we made all payouts which are currently waiting.

Thank you for your understanding.

To avoid such da problem in the future we are working on an instant paying system.

The Pig

September Payouts made & New Server

Published on 2017-10-04

Dear User,

we have made all payouts from september and we are currently hard working on making all payouts from october.
Furthermore we are working on an instant payout, so that there is no need to wait.

Additionally we have changed our servers to handle the amount of users which are visiting our website.
We hope that we can now run this site stable .

Happy faucet - The Pig.